Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Car Lust ds106#5

For this ds106 assignment I decided to do the Car Lust. The objective is to find  a picture of car that I like and talk about a little bit.

This is the new Lexus LFA that was shown in Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009. It is said that Lexus LFA is easily the most powerful car that came out of Japan. Usually an Italian or a German car are one of the top super cars in the world. But this time Japan has taken a big step forward and introduced this car to the public. With a price of whooooping $400,000. Under the Hood there is a 550 horse power V10 engine with 9000 RPM. The first time I saw this car was when Han was riding it on the movie Fast and Furious: Fast Five. When I look at this car it makes me feel like I own the world and it revolves around me.


  1. Oh Japanese car! I'm interested in Bugatti Veyron!!
    Please check this! awesome car!

  2. This is a really cool car by Lexus (the luxury car division of Toyota)!