Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Triple Troll Attack, GO! ds106#2

Triple Troll Attack, GO! struck my interest when I was looking for an assignment on the site. It seems funny and I spend a lot of time looking for funny images and creative ways to make people laugh. This assignment was fun to do because coming up with 3 different characters and putting them into one picture and having it connect was challenging but fun also because I think I am the only one who gets this joke. If some one else gets it I will be surprised.

The three individual characters I had in mind are Captain Kirk, Spock, and Sheldon Cooper. This outline comes from my favourite TV show series called "The Big Bang Theory". It is my favourite because the jokes in the TV series never gets old and I like all the actors and actresses that play in the series. The Image above is Captain Kirk and quote is from Sheldon Cooper and attributes to Spock.


  1. heyy dont forget to tag dayo :)

  2. Never heard of Sheldon Cooper or "The Big Bang Theory" TV show. I'm gonna have to look this one up. I am a huge Spock and Kirk fan, though.

    Good looking TTT. How about a link back to the original ds106 assignment or a mention of the software/process you used to make this coolness??