Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Google Map Story ds106#1

ds106 has web assignments and one of them is called Google Map Story. The original idea was submitted by a person named David aka Mr.Thimble. I choose this assignment because my father works for the Embassy of Mongolia and the family has followed him around the world for his job. I have been to many places but I choose to pick the best place I have lived and explain a little about the place and why it was so great.

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In 2002 my father the government decided to station my father in Ottawa, Canada. I have never heard of the country that time and had no idea what I was in for. If it is a warm country or cold, but I did not care because I was 12. But Ottawa turned out to be a great place, for me the greatest place I have lived so far(don't tell Tokyo tho,hehe).

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 The high school I went was one of the bigger in the city with almost 2000 students. There is a lot of diversity in Canada and especially in Ottawa. I have made friends from Iran,Egypt,Peru,Bolivia to Somalia Russia and the UK. I am very happy that I still keep very close contact with them e-mailing and video chatting all the time. The memory I have created here is the most cherished memory I have. I had my first girlfriend in here, first fight, first broken bone, first gold medal and the list goes on and on. I still doubt there is a high school better than this school any where in the world, but hey that is only my opinion.

This is the Rideau Canal. The longest Canal in Canada. During the summer people can bring their boats and cruse the canal when ever they want. My friend's father had a boat and we would climb in it all the time and hang out with other friends. I were not allowed to drive it but just being inside a boat was cool enough. The best part of the Canal is during the winter they drain the water just lo enough that is freezes and any one can come and skate on it. My parents bough me my first pair of skates when I was 14. I was probably the happiest kid in the world. On that day I got my skates sharpened and went skating with my friends. It feels like riding the wind then I am skating, even though I look like a clown in all those baggy pants and baggy winter coat.

Over all this is the end of my story telling. I hope you enjoyed it and hope you can visit Ottawa Canada when ever you get the chance, especially in the winter.

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  1. Hey! I love this one! Great use of the Google Maps tool to virtually stand in the "street view."
    I've visited Canada, but not Ottawa yet, so this is awesome.