Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Who is Where and Where is Here and Where is Privacy?

Here and There: says google
The other day I searched up a dance studio address on Google and clicked Google map. Then clicked on "Get direction" and as soon as I pressed that button Google automatically found my address, in an instant and gave the directions to the dance studio. At first I did not think much of it, but then after a while when I was on the train I though about it and it scared me a little. Google was able to find the location of my places and exactly where I love in a matter of seconds when there are 7 billion people in the world. This shows how much information about a person's life is out there in the internet where billions of people have access to it.

Then I though about it. Maybe I should decrease the amount of activity and information sharing over the internet, but this has been going on since the very beginning of the 21st century and the amount of internet, Instant Message, E-mail, Social Network cites I have been using and use now practically means I am already out there and I can basically do nothing about it. Even if I were to stop and start from fresh I would have to recontact every person I know all around the world that I changed my e-mail address, YouTube account, g-mail account, Facebook. Have to be re-tagged on photos again, re-added to groups and events. There is just so much information about me out there that I cannot hide my self any more and this same for hundreds of millions people in the world.

Online Tracking 
Online Tracking has become another word for tracking browsing habits. What "online tracking" is websites using certain algorithms following what cites you visit, what ads the user clicks and what pages the user likes, to come up with results that match and the user likes, has interest in, and what they might buy. With this next time they access the website again they will have specific ad just on your page that you like or recommend friends and products that you may know or like that had interest in before. What this is saying is this algorithms know you better than you  now yourself, telling you your interest and hobbies.

World Now
All the people living in developed countries could not walk a block with out their phones constantly searching for a faster 3G Internet access so that you are always connected to the Internet. A person with out a phone feels lost doing normal daily routines with out it. We are giving out our information on our cellphones and laptop computer when ever we connect to an unsecure line.

Question for Final: What is a computer IP address?


  1. i made a similar blogpost to this. its completely crazy how much info about us that are out there...

  2. yeah, I agree with you. Sometimes Google map is super usuful!! But on the other hand, we feel scary too. Some people put thier adress on thier blog or Facebook. I feel like it is lit bit dengerounse too. Anyway, we need to careful about individual infomation.